The Legacy Center has been a dream in the hearts of Pastors Chad and Melinda Waller for many years. Since launching Legacy Church, formerly VC2, in Tennille, GA in 2011, they, alongside their increasing congregation, have made great strides in reaching Tennille and surrounding communities. They have worked with other area churches to accomplish the mission of sharing hope with Central Georgia. Heading up outreaches like the annual Bless The City, Legacy Church seeks to be a blessing to the people of their city and let them know that somebody cares.

Over the years, Pastors Chad and Melinda Waller began to dream of a community center where young people could receive help and training in various fields. The product of this dream, The Legacy Centre, is a community center that hosts classes meant to enrich and empower the lives of people in the community.

In 2016, Legacy Church purchased 19 acres on Hwy 15 in Tennille, GA and completed building plans for The Legacy Centre.

A recent generous donation of the Smith House, located in Tennille next door to Legacy Church, by the Smith Family, is enabling the Legacy Centre to begin classes at this location even before the building of the new community center. This has allowed for an expansion of the Life Enrichment Classes currently offered at Legacy Church. Classes are focused on:

  • Finances
  • Job Training
  • Parenting
  • Literacy
  • Life Skills
  • Mentorship Program

The Legacy Centre is also partnering with local businesses to offer opportunities for on the job training in customer service and soft skills.